Lithium-powered Golf Cart Conversion

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August 2, 2021

I started over 2 years ago looking at various renewable and lithium solutions in mobile applications. I began with a kit from a competitor which was a high OCV 160w solar panel and a Victron MPPT. I tested this for approximately six months and found the brackets that held the roof on failed due to the extra weight in deflection going over bumps and that the 160w was not enough to be effective.

Soon after the original batteries failed I went down the road of PowerPlus Premium batteries and found in early testing to be quite good. Now its been a year or so now with them installed and here are the benefits I’ve found:

  • Acceleration and torque – I suspect the voltage doesn’t sag in the same fashion a lead battery does underload as it feels much more powerful
  • MultiPlus II – The MultiPlus is a real benefit as the golf cart is used as a temporary power supply. It has been used for cement mixers, hammer drills, lighting and has never missed a beat
  • Charging and Telemetry – The Victron SmartShunt and Multiplus do a much nicer job than the primitive analog display the golf cart originally had and being able to read the real-time state of charge is a huge benefit
  • Weight – The overall weight is substantially less

To further display the benefit of the lithium upgrade the golf buggy is fitted with a tray and a towbar and can comfortably tow a decent size box trailer, uphill, faultlessly.

  • 48v Golf Cart LiFEP04 conversion includes:
    • 2x Powerplus Energy Premium 51.2v 25Ah batteries
    • 1x Victron 48/500 MultiPlus 48v Inverter Charger
    • 1x 500A Smart Shunt
    • 1x Wiring kit including fuses and appliance inlet and charge inhibit interlock so the cart cannot be driven while charging
    • 1x Inverter/Charger programming

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