Budgong NSW New Off-Grid Installation

Written by admin

June 28, 2020

This is an entirely new installation and a dream one at that. 8kVA of AC from the Victron + during the day approx. 3.8kVA additional form the SMA so plenty of available load capacity. PowerPlus Energy’s new ECO battery, 2 Solar Arrays, Auto Start Generator, even a smoke alarm which automatically shutsdown the inverter if there is any smoke detected.

Another nice touch is we fitted a trickle charger inside the generator so if its not used for sometime the battery will always be topped up.

  • Equipment Type   Off-Grid
  • Inverter Brand.  Victron
  • Battery Brand.  PowerPlus Solutions ECO 4.0kwHr
  • Battery Capacity.  20.00kwHr
  • Solar Array1  SMA 4.0kW (12x 380W Panels)
  • Solar Array2  Victron 250/70 (8x 380W Panel)

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