Automotive Solar Package

Get The Full Kit

Package Includes:

1 x Orion Smart TR NON ISOLATED

1 x 75/15 mppt

1 x 175w Solar panel

1 x solar panel brackets

1 x 60ah superpack battery

1 x 375w phoenix inverter 12v


(fuses, wiring, accessories for standard install also included)

The perfect mobile solar setup.

The automotive market comprises a broad range of applications requiring a reliable power supply. In vehicles such as fire engines, ambulances and police cars a human life may depend on an autonomous system. That is also true for adventure vehicles visiting remote places. In all such instances it is vital that systems function flawlessly. Victron Energy offers you such solutions, ensuring safety through energy freedom and independence. Energy. Anytime. Anywhere.

Take your power anywhere.

For those who are looking for real adventure during their vacation, proper equipment and good transport are the basic needs. 

Charging lithium batteries from an alternator, presents some challenges when compared to the straightforward nature of charging lead based batteries. 

The new Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger is designed for use in dual battery systems in vehicles, where the (smart) alternator and the start battery are used to charge the service battery. The model range is suitable for 12V or 24V systems, and both lead acid and lithium batteries. 

Victron Energy equipment.

An almost indispensable option for the off-road vehicles is the Victron Phoenix Inverter: a powerful true sine wave inverter.

In the event of generator power being disconnected, the inverter within the Multi is automatically activated and takes over the supply to the connected loads.

So even in the middle of nowhere the off-road vehicles are assured of a reliable power supply. The inverter converts 12 Volt power to 240 Volt power, which can be used for appliances such as the air conditioner, microwave, washing machine, refrigeration compressor, etc.