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Lithium-Powered Golf Cart Conversion Kit

Product Specifications

48v Golf Cart LiFEP04 conversion includes:

    • 2x Powerplus Energy Premium 51.2v 25Ah batteries
    • 1x Victron 48/500 MultiPlus 48v Inverter Charger
    • 1x 500A Smart Shunt
    • 1x Wiring kit including fuses and appliance inlet and charge inhibit interlock so the cart cannot be driven while charging
    • 1x Inverter/Charger programming

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Lithium-Powered Golf Cart Conversion Kit

Product Description

Benefits of the upgrade:

  • Acceleration and torque –  Voltage doesn’t sag in the same fashion a lead battery does under-load as it feels much more powerful
  • MultiPlus II – The MultiPlus is a real benefit as the golf cart is used as a temporary power supply. It has been used for cement mixers, hammer drills, lighting and has never missed a beat
  • Charging and Telemetry – The Victron SmartShunt and Multiplus do a much nicer job than the primitive analog display the golf cart originally had and being able to read the real-time state of charge is a huge benefit
  • Weight – The overall weight is substantially less

To further display the benefit of the lithium upgrade the golf buggy is fitted with a tray and a towbar and can comfortably tow a decent size box trailer, uphill, faultlessly.

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