Makinex Hybrid Power System

Off grid Solar & Remote Power Generation

About the system

Makinex Hybrid Power System (HPS) is the most versatile and advanced off grid power system. Providing grid like electricity in areas where grid power is either unavailable or directly replacing expensive/ unreliable grid power. The system consists of a roof or ground mounted solar panels a battery bank to store energy, an integrated backup diesel generator and an inverter to act as an interface between the different inputs.

• Portable, easy to deploy and store.
• Significant fuel and servicing savings. Reduced emissions and noise.
• Lower vulnerability to weather events, localizing reliability issues.
• Reduces electricity outage times for customers and costs for network businesses.
• Australian built generators.
• Easily monitor and control the status of your HPS system locally or remotely.


2 x 10kvA Quattro Inverters

32kWh storage (8 x Powerplus batteries)

10 x Sunpower solar panels

20kvA silent generator