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VE.Net Tank Monitor (Resistive)

Product Specifications


VE.Net Tank Monitor (Resistive)

Product Description

The VE.Net Tank Sensor, when used with appropriate tank senders, can be used to monitor the amount of liquid in up to three tanks, such as a water or diesel tank.

VE.Net stands for Victron Energy Network. It allows all VE.Net compatible devices to communicate with each other. This means that the charger, for example, can get information from the battery monitor to optimize the charge current. It is possible to control and monitor all your VE.Net devices from a single VE.Net compatible control panel. This saves space and allows you to control all your devices from one place. A VE.Net consists of a VE.Net panel (VPN), and one or more other VE.Net devices, such as the VE.Net Tank Sensor or VE.Net Battery Controller

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