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MagCode Power Port 12V (max. 15A)

Product Specifications

LOCKING: magnetic
CONNECTION POWERPOWER: 6.3mm flat electrical terminal to plug or solder
CONNECTION POWERCLIP: screwing, max. 2.5mm² cable
ASSEMBLY Diameter POWERPORT: 28mm (M28)
VOLTAGE: 12V (also available for 24V)
LOAD CAPACITY: max. 15A (at +70°C)

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MagCode Power Port 12V (max. 15A)

Product Description

MagCode Power Port 12V (max. 15A) is a revolutionary magnetic connector for Victron Blue Smart IP65 series of chargers. This solar power equipment accessory offers a magnetic locking system, where the magnets in the power port and power clip creates the connection between components.

The MagCode Power Port 12V (max. 15A) features high-tech design, stable connection and minimal mounting depth. It has no arcing problem and is also water and short circuit proof. This magnetic connector is compatible for use on passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, campers and boats where cigarette lighter receptacles are presently in use for exterior connectors on vehicles, under conditions of sustained charging and high current load.

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