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Kemppi MasterTig 235 AC/DC Welder

Product Specifications


Kemppi MasterTig 235 AC/DC Welder

Product Description

MasterTig sets new standards for weld quality, usability, and power efficiency in AC and DC TIG welding. Designed for professional welders, the MasterTig product family offers a choice of power variants up to 300 A. Its modular design philosophy allows you to build the specification that best meets your needs, including alternative control panels, wireless remote controls, and transport cart options.

Stylish, practical and robust, the MasterTig absorbs the knocks of everyday welding life. The compact-sized welding equipment is constructed from tough yet lightweight injection molded plastic, featuring impact bridge protection structures. Flexible and durable Flexlite TX TIG torches are readily equipped to fit MasterTig to maximize welding comfort.

Choose from traditional touch button control panels or the full color 7’’ TFT control panel, including Weld Assist and 99 memory channels per process
Weld Assist guides every welder towards accurate, productive welding by recommending the best parameters for different welding applications
Several useful features available for enhanced TIG welding
Easy, fast and convenient coolant filling and cleaning
MasterTig transport units feature floor level cylinder loading, removing the need for heavy lifting
Compatible with Flexlite TX TIG torches
Foot pedal, on-torch and hand remote controls available
Option for connecting the equipment to WeldEye cloud service

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