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Interface 1140

Product Specifications

WEIGHT: 0.045kg
DIMENSIONS: 80 x 160 x 120 mm

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Interface 1140

Product Description

Interface 1140 by Victron Energy is designed to measure the ripple/frequency when it is connected to the alternator AC. This is used when the power supplied by variable speed generator, flywheel generator or water turbine relies on the RPM. And stalling of the alternator may be often caused when the setpoint for shore power is chosen too high, too little power will be used when the setpoint is set too low.

Therefore, the Interface 1140 is used to measure rpm of this power source and calculate available power according to this. The assistant “Use 1140 interface to set shore limit assistant“ can be used in Multi(C) or a Quattro. It is connected just as a mk2 with use of an utp cable. Take done that the unit must have firmware xxx2xx or higher in order to use assistants.

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