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‘CAMPER’ – Standalone Power Supplies (SAPS)

Product Specifications

Made in Unanderra NSW these standalone power systems or portable power supplies are perfect for camping, temporary power or construction site power. Replacing a generator with babySaps will cut your fuel and maintenance costs to zero. Powered by top quality Victron equipment we offer a 5 year return to base warranty.

Included is a fold up solar panel to charge however a single large wattage domestic solar panel can also be for semi-permanent or permanent installations.

Inverter/Charger (Victron Multiplus)

Offered in 500w (900w Surge) , 800w (1600w Surge) and 1200w (2400w Surge) this is the maximum output power at the 240v socket fitted to the device. The Inverter/Charger also works by allowing to charge off 240v if required when not in use or allowing connection of a backup generator.

Solar MPPT (Victron BlueSolar)

Fitted is a 20A solar MPPT this allows a solar panel to be connected directly for daily charging when in use.

DC-DC Converter (Victron Orion)

A 9A DC-DC converter is fitted to all charging off a vehicle if required.

Remote Monitoring (Victron VRM)

If required remote monitoring can be fitted. This comes with a 5year activated SIM card allowing access to Victron VRM system.


The unit comes with a 240v inlet for charging and outlet for providing power. There is also a 12v outlet for direct powering 12v DC appliances and a 12v input for charging off a vehicle if required.

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‘CAMPER’ – Standalone Power Supplies (SAPS)

Product Description

Our Australian made portable power supplies are perfect for camping, travelling, construction site power or even permanent power. Comes fitted with Victron Equipment, including lithium (LiFeP04) battery, Solar Charger, DC Charger, Inverter/Charger these can completely replace your generator reducing your fuel and maintenance costs to zero.

Additional Information


Inverter/Charger 500w, Inverter/Charger 800w, Inverter/Charger 1200w

Battery Capacity

60Ah (768wHr), 100Ah (1.28kwHr)

Remote Monitoring

Yes, No