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48V 25AH LiFePO4 N70 Battery Self Managed

Product Specifications


48V 25AH LiFePO4 N70 Battery Self Managed

Product Description

Greater efficiency

Manufactured using cylindrical energy cells allow greater heat dissipation when under load.

Use up to 100% of total capacity.

Up to 10 time faster charge time than sealed lead acid

Greater than 96% charge efficiency

Captures and stores more solar PV than sealed lead acid


No venting gasses

Safe LFP (lithium ferro phosphate (LiFePO4) technology

Built in Battery Management System (BMS) – allowing charging on most standard battery chargers and vehicle alternators.

BMS will protect from over/under voltage, over current, over temperature and short circuit

Reliability and longevity

Designed using cylindrical cells for greater reliability, and heat dissipation

One third the weight and less than half the volume than that of sealed lead acid

Superior cycle life when compared to sealed lead acid

Rated for extreme temperature conditions


Ideal for Caravan and motor home applications

Ideal for secondary vehicle battery

Ideal for street lighting and industrial applications

Ideal for off-grid solar applications

Can be charged using most standard lead acid battery chargers

If charger can be adjusted to suit battery voltages, then this will maximise life

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